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Life is usually only as complicated as we imagine it to be. There are many things in life that we bend by our own views, or let bend by inaction and thereby make our own affairs more complex and appear than they actually are. One could almost claim, or have the appearance, that we humans decorate various things to our own satisfaction, only so that we can confuse ourselves afterwards. There are different ways to reach a goal, and it is important to be aware of what it looks like and how to get there. Often it is up to you to decide how much time you invest in something. You can invest only a few minutes in various matters, or spend hours with satisfaction. Whether the invested time helps one to an own advantage, or whether this is the background at all, everyone must decide and judge for himself.


Talents are like an energetic stamp, everyone should try to find their own. Talents are of great value and can bring a corresponding advantage, but one should not underestimate the ability to recognise them for one’ s self, or to acquire them accordingly. A talent does not mean that one has to be better than another person. A talent can also be that one knows how to deal with other people in a corresponding situation, or that one is aware of a situation and is able to weigh and evaluate a situation accordingly. To put it mildly, talents are ultimately just pronounced abilities, and abilities are almost limitless in their availability. If one is looking for something new, then one is not badly advised to consider through which personal abilities the greatest joy can be obtained in the future.

free yourself

If you move in the same circle for too long, you will inevitably suffer a kind of whiplash at some point. We humans are living beings who tend to experience new things in order to constantly bring ourselves forward and to be able to grow further through what we have experienced. If we constantly expose ourselves to the same, we unintentionally build up our own little cage over time, and without understanding it, it becomes more and more difficult to get out of it by falling into our own indifference.

personal features

Characteristics are something peculiar, they come in the most diverse shapes and forms. Some are more conspicuous, some less so, and yet they all carry an enormous potential for releasing one’s own powers. We carry these personal or characteristic expressions around with us until we begin to change them, if possible. However, caution is advised here, because since we have already carried these characteristics with us for all or a large part of our lives, the effects are correspondingly great when we begin to change them. In life, one should also not be surprised that newly received views can make the old seem dull as well as put it into a gloomy light.


It is important to consider in life what path you want to take in the future. Life always follows a plan, which we as living beeings can influence through our ambitions. So we should all look for our own dreams and ideas about life, because if you do not look for your own dreams, you may simply not be able to find those ideas in your life. Fortunately, humankind consists of a gigantic collective of over 7 billion people. Through the achievements of humanity in the present, the experiences of humanity from the past, and the ideas for the future, a vast body of experience has been created. It is therefore up to everyone to use the existing knowledge to find a path in life that will lead to a better life.

possibilities and life

Isn’t it strange how many possibilities life can offer in the most diverse areas, and how few of them we can recognise as normal people in our everyday lives, although we know from our own knowledge that these possibilities exist? Life consists of countless perspectives, which one can only perceive superficially, as long as one does not manage to invest time in them. As a result, we cannot understand that we ourselves are capable of responding to these possibilities in order to advance ourselves accordingly. So it can’t hurt to think from time to time about whether it might be the right decision to make room for something new, to leave the old behind.

exhausting limits

In life, you cannot constantly exceed your own expectations without exhausting and consuming yourself. As soon as you are confronted with something new, it is relevant to be able to adjust to it in order to come to terms with the situation. If one becomes too euphoric and surrenders oneself to the urge to move forward as quickly as possible, then one will eventually realise that it is no longer possible to keep up one’s own rhythm, because one has simply ignored too many components of the matter itself, which are essential for understanding in order to move forward. Gaps appear, but their appearance seems incomprehensible at first, because one has simply left behind the circumstances that would be necessary for understanding the emergence of these gaps out of ignorance of one’s own limits.

differences of interest

In life, you can’t concentrate on other people’s concerns and try to realise yourself at the same time. Life around us is constantly reacting to our interactions with it, generating new situations, perspectives and experiences. As soon as one begins to use these values to advance the interests of other people, it will be difficult for oneself to generate a corresponding advantage, because one has, so to speak, used up the experiences for others through one’s own way of thinking, which, however, is not directed towards oneself. This makes it possible to strengthen the people around you, but you do not necessarily advance yourself through this, because everyone should be aware that you are always only a part of the life of other people, and that your own views, justified by your own personality, will always deviate from the opinions of other people over time. Through this, differences arise which can end in confrontations if one is not able to accept them.

changing facts

A fact can only be as strong as the basis on which it is built. If you look at life with an open mind, you can see that it will always contain various aspects where changes have been embraced and something is forgotten over time to make room for something new. In simple terms, this is how change comes about, because if a fundament of a certain thing does not begin to react to change, it will, as long as it does not remain stable, inevitably be taken over by change over a longer term, whereby something new is irrevocably created in order to prove itself again and to face the situations and confrontations that arise as a result.

difficulties and progress

If you have difficulties in making progress without understanding exactly why it is difficult to make progress, it is important to try to find out which components of various situations can bring about change. The further one moves away from something, the more possibilities one may have to move forward, but as a rule, fewer and fewer of them lead to the goal, making it continuously more complicated to reach it. This can lead to various views which you have to recognise for yourself before you are able to fight them accordingly.

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