Self doubt is self injury

If you doubt yourself too much, you will put yourself rocks in the path.

Often one needs a lot of time to get rid of them,

and it takes more time until the traces disappear.

Goal’s limit

Mountains become more difficult to climb with increasing height,

this should also be considered in life.

You can’t climb over the mountain.

Life answers

Those who spends too much time in life without consideration should not be surprised that life will affect them equally through their actions.


“Love” itself doesn’t hurt, but it can be missing all of a sudden.

“The nothing” will hurt you afterwards.


Fear can destroy you, if you don’t fight against it.

Don’t let fear just move on.

Outside and inside world

If you can’t clearly outline your own personality,

you will merge with the outside world in the long term.

It will become difficult afterwards to find yourself.