Month: July 2020

Life Wishes

Wishes and dreams of others should always be respected,

they are the desires of the longings of the heart.


Conscience is like a protective factor,

that intervenes when the ego is out of control.

Life’s Barrier

It is sometimes a preference of us humans to stand in our own way,
without even noticing it, without thinking about it.

Until it becomes undeniable at some point.

Don’t joke with promises

A broken promise can never again be put together,
so this word should always be used wisely.

Otherwise one usually harms both sides.
The own personality as well as the world view of the affected.

Self Criticism

If you have something to criticize about yourself,

you are well advised to change it, because time alone won’t change it.

Too much remains too much

If you exaggerate , you usually consume yourself through it.
So it doesn’t hurt to think carefully about if it’s worth it.
Whether at work or through your own hobbies.