Day: August 1, 2020

Self-destruction through sanity is worthless.

Sanity arises from the situation of not wanting to harm others through an action.

But unfortunately this is only possible as long as you don’t destroy yourself.

One shouldn’t forget this in life.

Self-destruction through sanity is worthless.

A sentient planet

When one pushes a living being back and injures it, it is usually upset and aggressive.Isn’t the planet also a living being that consists of different systems?

Make room

Maybe we should start by setting  fewer boundaries to ourself.

We would be more free trough this, as long as we dont harm others.

Reality is not an amusement park

Those who forget to differentiate between dreams, reality and their own views will, over time, lose their dreams, no longer be able to cope with reality, and have to rethink their views.