Day: August 11, 2020

Nature versus Mankind

What has more influence on the feelings of mankind:

The influences we produce such as disputes, advertising, everyday life, and so on. Or Nature, in the form of daytime, light, shade, surrounding fauna, animal sounds, temperature and weather.

Some people say humans can win over nature.

I’d like to claim that we can’t.

Mind power

More important than an impulse is the force field generated behind it. The impulse exists through the force field beyond the moment. For example, if you marry someone.

Energetic thoughts

If one creates something through thought, then the “energetic” counterpart to the material creation should lie veiled behind the thought. Which is transported by the creation of the thing as a quality behind matter.

Looking for unluck

We humans spend way too much time looking for what makes us unhappy,

because it’s hard to think about what makes one personally really happy.