time & reality

Could time be seen as a kind of substance, which holds together the components of reality?

Sound & Emotions

We humans play with sounds and create music, primarily through emotions. On the other hand, in nature, sounds are found all the time without us humans being able to influence these processes directly. So where does sound come from, and where does the sound disappear to?

A thinking reality

Since the view of reality consists partly of one’s own thoughts, one can also change this view by one’s own will. This sounds utopian at first, but it becomes more understandable when you think about people, who encounter situations, where they must choose between different views in order to move forward.


If fantasy produces colors, then living without fantasy is always a bit colder.

Ask life

Only if you ask life, you will get answers. No one can know more than a collective. Through the knowledge of others things can be revealed, which one would not be able to discover on one’s own.


People that are constantly thinking about themselves are wasting other people’s time.

technological evolution

Technological evolution is a strange thing. Much of humanity’s knowledge is invested in technological progress, but it is difficult to develop an understanding of what that progress may entail in the future.