Category: Emotions & Feelings


Fear can destroy you, if you don’t fight against it.

Don’t let fear just move on.

Emotional universe

At what point did the intangible components of the universe begin to”feel”?

The life, the “evolution” needs the information from somewhere,
otherwise feelings could not be integrated in the life of Nature at all.

Feel Feelings

Sometimes I get the impression that people want to forget how to feel,

that’s what you can earn, when you don’t care about feelings.

Emotional memories

The emotional strength of a situation determines, how slowly it is forgotten.

Are memories generated by an Emotional Code,

which only the owner understands,

because no one feels exactly as the feeling person does?

Feelings and matter

Perhaps feelings do not only have a tremendous influence among us living beings, but also on matter (Elements).

Emotions can cause tears & if you are angry, it is possible to carry bigger weights.

What influence do people’s feelings have on “Earth”?


The longer one rummage around in something,

the bigger is the wound, or the distortion one creates.