If humans would not create images of their enemies, they would be obliged to compete against themselves.

Feelings & emotions

Feelings and Emotions are something strange, they surround us in so many effects whose origin we overlook through the reality we have created for ourselves and through ourselves. Or in other words by their number of reasons and underlying memories simply can not perceive at all. Since we humans are not aware of this, or can not be aware of it, it is almost impossible to express ourselves clearly within a short time or to get to know each other.

The human mind, a wall.

We humans are able to manifest thoughts that can protect us. Sounds abstruse but is a fact. Those who cannot preserve powerful memories cannot protect themselves properly in difficult situations. The more you look after your environment and life, the more positive memories you will collect that will withdraw you back into life in difficult moments, albeit subconsciously. That’s the price of life. Live wisely.


We humans are far too often satisfied with what we have, and often realize later that we have only convinced ourselves of this state to avoid a change. Many of the things we take hold of and experience not only influence the moment, but also the time beyond. Through stagnation, change is rarely generated by its own power. Life consists of a collective that brings constant change with it anyway and makes change possible at all.


Nothing is permanent, everything changes. This applies to ourselves as well as to the life around us. Whoever understands this can look for possibilities to draw new strength from his own reality. For example, by renewing old friendships,or by looking for new hobbies to gain new experiences. In the end, however, it is always up to you to change yourself. External influences control your life only as long as you allow it. There is nothing more important in life than discovering and learning to appreciating one’s own self, because those who can no longer count on themselves will begin to lose their own ego over time.

Chasing misfortune

We humans spend often way too much time looking for what makes us unhappy,

because it’s hard to think about what makes one personally really happy.