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past times

Doesn’t the past harbour something mysterious when you try to look at it more closely? In the past, seemingly inevitable aspects of life can be discovered that are capable of influencing our views. Knowledge to which one lacks fragments in order to progress accordingly can also be drawn from the bases of experience which we have already acquired. It is often not absolutely necessary to generate new knowledge in order to understand something better. Conversely, this means that one should not only pay attention to how the present behaves, but also how the present behaves in the future, because then it will belong to the past.

answers and questions

In life we often receive answers with which we are not satisfied, this cannot be prevented. Often, however, we receive reasons that help us further if we try to find out why the answer has turned out accordingly. However, those who do not consider it necessary to act accordingly out of their own conviction or arrogance will over time have less and less chance of finding out how situations come about and how they behave. This reduces one’s own possibilities of influence over time because one lacks the idea of the background. In the worst case, one begins to cover up these backgrounds with false facts until one inevitably has to realise that one is wrong, which in turn creates further dissatisfaction. It is always better to learn from mistakes than to see them as something imperfect.

change and habits

Isn’t it amazing and impressive at the same time how it is possible to change oneself through one’s own actions? If you have the urge to change yourself, you could, for example, start by changing your eating habits over time. Through food, various hormones are added to our organism which are generated from the food components and processed by our body. If you can muster enough willpower and begin to change your eating habits accordingly, you will gain new potential to promote change. In simple terms, changes consist of cycles that interlock with each other. Whoever understands how to shape these changes according to his own ideas has the opportunity to gain more control over his own personality.

luck & happiness

Luck is not only a moment, but consists out of a period of time which begins with the realization of a happy moment. People who are aware of this are able to realize that happiness can be literally sought. Often contentment and happiness can be found by changing the path of one’s life towards the realization of one’s own ideas. Because one thing should be clear, who aligns his life constantly after others and forgets the own wishes should not forget that thereby the chance is reduced to form the own life according to the own expectations.