Curious progress

We humans try far too often to understand matters although we should actually be aware that we lack the complete necessary knowledge, therefore we usually do not realize that we can not reach the goal that we actually wanted to achieve. However, since we prefer to devote ourselves rather than others, it can be difficult to develop a certain understanding for things that we do not understand on our own.

Harmony & cohesion

Harmony and cohesion are a strange thing, both interact and yet one usually springs from the other. The positive cohesion of a group often forms a harmonic effect, whereby a goal can usually be achieved faster and more effectively. Harmony is probably similar to blind understanding, which can make it more difficult for a stranger to communicate with a group of people who are surrounded by something like harmony. This can create an impression of rejection, which ultimately can only be understood through self-protection of the persons concerned. We humans usually defend what has a positive effect for us without thinking about the fact that the circumstances were often not different for us in the past. The price of “being better” is often underpinned by one’s own life path, but one must be clear that one distorts oneself if what is said does not match what one has experienced.

Together rather than alone

If someone understands that he lives his life not only for others, he can live his life better.

It’s like a sad curse, wich people can break themselves.

Lifepath’s past

Search for your right path in life.

If you don’t walk along one,

you won’t be able to look back on any.

Do not deny life

Anything you can perceive affects you.

Otherwise you would not know that something exists.

Luck & happiness

Too often we forget that luck is not only a moment, but consists of a period of time which often begins with the realization of a happy moment. Whoever understands this will inevitably realize that happiness can be literally sought. Often contentment and happiness can be found by changing the path of one’s life towards the realization of one’s own ideas. Because one thing should be clear, who aligns his life constantly after others and forgets the own wishes should not forget that thereby the chance is reduced to form the own life according to the own expectations.


Patience is something strange, it is like a linkage of hopes and expectations of something in the future that one expects to have correctly foreseen through one’s own knowledge and experience. People who live their lives purposefully and in a balanced way have a higher probability of correctly anticipating a situation that might occur based on their experiences. Conversely, this means that people who are surrounded by a rather hectic everyday life do not have the opportunity and time to deal with such thoughts, which in turn is reflected in lower chances of a better future.