the meaning of life

We humans often occupy ourselves with meaningless things because the meaning behind meaningful things is harder to think through. Unfortunately, the past is easier to understand in this respect than the future.

Ask life

Only if you ask life, you will get answers. No one can know more than a collective. Through the knowledge of others things can be revealed, which one would not be able to discover on one’s own.

positive & negative

For us humans, it is often more difficult to recognize what has a positive impact on our lives, than it is to recognize what has a negative impact on it.

Mankinds path

Humankind thinks it has to create its own reality.

Where should mankind go when it refuses to accept nature?

Into nothing?

Mankind & change

We humans change & “forge” reality every day,

but still don’t understand what we are doing here exactly.

Thats frightening somehow.

Nature and civilization

If our idea of civilization is an illusion, what do we find when we look behind the curtain of nature?

A Natural Life? Nature itself is difficult to illusory.