Maybe it doesn’t hurt to look at the world a little bit more cyclically.

Most processes consist of various cycles.
Just like life, which is also composed out of “many colors”.

life limits

Life can put you in a waterway that destroys you, but the potential of people will always be set at a certain limit. If you are too egocentric and exceed this limit, life will bring you to your knees.

thoughts and illusions

Thoughts consist of a foundation, illusions consist of air. It is important in life to think about what has substance and consists of real facts, and what does not. Who in life develops too much curiosity about things that could possibly occur, or what could have happened, without dealing with the truth, ultimately deals with thoughts, which are simply not controllable.

creating life

We are masters in creating things from things we cannot understand. In doing so, we create a vortex of chaos, through which we in turn create our own illusions. That’s why it’s necessary to respect the unknown and not to constantly place yourself above things about which little is known.


If fantasy produces colors, then living without fantasy is always a bit colder.


People that are constantly thinking about themselves are wasting other people’s time.

changing change

A performance is like a change in reality, the greater the performance, the greater the change. That is why great achievements are usually difficult to realize.

dont play with luck

Who plays too much with luck can only lose. Luck has nothing to do with your own abilities. “Fortune” is invincible and uncontrollable.

Decisions & Time

The decisions we make every second determine where life takes us. No one can always make the right decision. Nevertheless, sometimes it helps to think a little more carefully.