Anyone who does not admit to oneself what he or she actually thinks about oneself is making hisself blind.

fault insight

By acknowledging a mistake, a wound can be healed.

Its conscious ignorance causes self-destruction.


The fear of something will get bigger and bigger until you begin to fight it,

otherwise it will eventually begin to consume you at some point.

mind maze

If you harm yourself through your own psyche,

you should start to change your life in a positive way.


The greed for a desire can destroy a person,

if he or she does not try to tame the longings.

Deceitful decisions

When you build a deceitful life, the cracks in the foundation “unfortunately” get bigger over time. One is therefore always well advised to go a largely honest path.

enemy’s and mirrors

An enemy is created by a view. If you are strong enough to change your view,

then the view towards your enemy will also change.