influencing time

You can create the right conditions for something, but this doesn’t mean that reality is in the mood to implement the plan. Time can only be influenced to a certain extent. Without patience, life is definitely more difficult.

time & reality

Could time be seen as a kind of substance, which holds together the components of reality?


We don’t take time for ourselves, and complain that she’s being taken from us by others.


When change creates time then time is forced to exist for eternity and to change further.

Situations and memories

We humans are confronted from time to time with matters we do not understand. Often it does not hurt to think about what caused the situation, and what effects can be caused by something. Those who carry too much uncertainty around with them, without making any attempt to confront it, will see their own memories disintegrate over time. We humans are part of nature, and nature is always trying to create the clearest possible picture and structure itself. Thus, our own life path automatically exerts influence on the change of past memories. We humans always consist of a collective in the end, and thereby also of different opinions.

We can’t solve time

If we humans would stop arguing about things for which there is no solution right now,

we would solve more problems.

Confusing Reality

Sometimes I have the impression that life is just too confused. If you experience something in the past that is difficult to process, you can experience a moment in the future that creates a new perspective, which in turn makes certain memories more understandable and easier to process. But what and who decides whether one may experience such a moment? Is it fate, coincidence, or simply the passage of time? If we humans could understand more about why some things are the way they are, it would certainly be better for everyone to live. Unfortunately, much can not be explained by logic, especially as long as the view does not match with what one experiences. This is probably one of the problems of the human race. We distort ourselves to make something more pleasant, and forget why things are actually the way they should be.

Time & humans

Isn’t it strange how extremely we let ourselves be influenced by our environment in this day and age? It is difficult in these times to focus on what is important because we like to be distracted so that we do not have to make an effort. We make it far too easy for ourselves and often wish at the same time that some things in our lives were different. However, it is also important to be able to accept that the past in relation to one’s own life path only through a different future gets a different perspective. Decide life wisely.