Fragments of time

“Time” is so uncontrollable, that it probably doesn’t understand what is coming out of itself,

but rather reacts to given situations. We humans are not able to understand time,

but we are able to read it somehow. Like looking into the face of something that’s always with us.

Past's future

Memories are like a rear-view mirror into the past,

you just have to be careful that you don’t try to change them for your own benefit,

otherwise you will be heading for your own illusion.


Somehow it is frightening how fast we humans learn and how little we know about life itself. If thoughts about time leave a “path” in time, then we ultimately direct time through our actions in reality, without ever being able to foresee where time is going. It would be surely nevertheless not wrong for the life if mankind would make more efforts not to complicate the time of the future by our actions in the present.


Memories are like an impression of time which can be covered by time, but cannot be changed instantly by changes in time. This theoretically means that time as we directly experience it consists not only out of the moment, but also through our thoughts about the future and memories from the past. Conversely, it also means that our view of the past and the future will change as we change our life path in the present. This is probably also a theoretical reason why changes often result in new and unexpected opportunities.


If you want to go treasure hunting,

you should start digging in your own past.


We live in time, and yet we do not understand it. Many claim that time is equivalent to something divine, but if something divine exists, and this would consist of time, how should it influence time without changing itself through its effects? Others claim time is something like an unstoppable chaos, but if that is the case, then why does nature always strive for a breathtaking order from within?

Time is able to roll the dice with fate, if you allow it to do so. But do we really have an influence on it? Do we not rather let ourselves be influenced by what surrounds us? And at the same time we tell ourselves that it is mostly our own actions, which have led to who we are today?

Time remains a mystery, it is like a kind of magic you can reach for, but to understand what time actually is, our race is not capable of this, and maybe it should be like this, because one thing is clear. With time comes life, and it is well known that one should not play with life.