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We humans tend to forget our own problems just to distract ourselves accordingly. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that our own problems have memories attached to them, which can also be brought up by matters that are apparently not related to the repressed ones. The tragedy is that as long as we don’t try to face up to our issues, new connections are constantly being created subconsciously, because we may have already understood for ourselves that we still have to deal with something in the future. For those who are unable to muster enough willpower to grow out of themselves, it would not hurt to try to come closer to their own worries from time to time instead of continuing to suppress them.

luck & happiness

Luck is not only a moment, but consists out of a period of time which begins with the realization of a happy moment. People who are aware of this are able to realize that happiness can be literally sought. Often contentment and happiness can be found by changing the path of one’s life towards the realization of one’s own ideas. Because one thing should be clear, who aligns his life constantly after others and forgets the own wishes should not forget that thereby the chance is reduced to form the own life according to the own expectations.


When it is difficult for you to move forward due to various situations, it is usually better to stand still for a while and thoughtfully wait to see how best to resolve a negative situation. Otherwise, you will stumble again and again, and instead of moving forward, you will usually move in a direction you didn’t want to move in the first place due to imprudence. Not only do you get upset with yourself afterwards, and your mood gets worse, but you also have to be careful that you don’t get even further off track. So it is always better to approach something thoughtfully than to move riskily towards something that you cannot understand, because the situation does not yet exist at all in the present.

dreams & wishes

Dreams and wishes are like a drive of one’s own reality. Through them, possibilities can be imagined that would otherwise remain in the shadows. However, one should be careful that one’s own ideas are not nourished by illusions, because thereby one will always go into one’s own misfortune. On the other hand, if you think about your life path with the necessary knowledge, you can only benefit from it. In the end, “life” or “reality” always tries to move forward in its own way. Those who oppose it cannot expect to have an easier time in life than others.


Those who concentrate too much on themselves in their lives may forget, through the continuous development of their own self-reflection, to perceive the differences that life has to offer in the most complex forms. Life consists of so many characteristics and qualities which one is only able to recognise as soon as one tries to put aside one’s own ideas about certain things in order to be able to perceive what others recognise in them. This would make it possible to better understand changes in their origins and effects instead of only understanding them superficially.

enthusiasm & life

If you overdo it with your own enthusiasm for something, you should think twice before you let yourself be carried away by external circumstances and don’t really think much of the matter yourself. If you allow yourself to be impressed and persuaded about something that you are not sure you like, you may find that you have wasted your time and are falling behind rather than moving forward as planned. Unfortunately, in such situations we usually do not blame ourselves but others who did not accept our own opinion because we were not able to present it convincingly. In the end, by ignoring one’s own circumstances, it is possible not only to lose one’s own enthusiasm and motivation, but also to lose people who are important to one, through a subsequent lack of understanding towards the cause.


Isn’t it strange how little we humans know about time itself, even in today’s age, and that we understand even less about it, although time itself is a very interesting subject? Time weaves the past, the present and the future, at least what we know of it, into a construct which we can perceive as life, and on which we can exert a corresponding influence. Through memories from the past, we can draw conclusions about the future in order to adjust or align our present accordingly. Or it is possible for us to better understand the past through newly received experiences, which can make living in the present more bearable under the right circumstances, or not. In order to be able to deal with time, it is important to understand oneself and the possibilities that life can offer. Life consists of many colours, and it is only possible to shape them according to one’s own will if one tries to recognise those.

nature and transformation

The way we humans treat what we perceive as nature today is frightening. Mankind has begun to reshape and shape nature for its own interests, without taking into account that we ourselves come from nature and need it for our own existence. Nature is continuously and simply formulated created by evolution, which over time has resulted in all the biological constructs that we can perceive today. Since we are just as much a part of this evolutionary process as our biological environment, our changes to it always have a retroactive influence on ourselves. Without us being able to perceive it consciously, the changed environment exerts an influence on our own actions. As soon as we humans are confronted with something that has a negative effect on us, we have two options. Either we deal with the matter and try to understand it, or we leave it and cover the issue with our own ignorance. Due to the lack of possibilities to exert our own influence, we are usually left with little more than being confronted again and again with matters that we know are not right, but which we ourselves have no possibility of changing. One could say that the continuous destruction of nature robs us of a part of our own empathy, without us being able to do anything about this.

external and internal influences

Why do we humans care so much about external things and so often forget about ourselves? Instead of realising that it is necessary to take care of ourselves, we are too often consumed by the worries of others for whom we feel responsible or in charge, even though we usually are not. Instead of making personal progress, we carry around the baggage of others and end up wondering why we ourselves are not progressing forward as planned.

stronger together

Harmony and cohesion are a strange thing, both interact and yet one springs from the other. The positive cohesion of a group often forms a harmonic effect, whereby a goal can usually be achieved faster and more effectively. Harmony is probably similar to blind understanding, which can make it more difficult for a stranger to communicate with a group of people that is surrounded by something like harmony. This can create an impression of rejection, which ultimately can only be understood through self-protection of the persons concerned. We humans usually defend what has a positive effect for us without thinking about the fact that the circumstances were often not different for us in the past. The price of “being better” is often underpinned by one’s own life path, but it should be clear that one distorts oneself if what is said does not match what one has experienced.