Sea of life

Sometimes the sea gives me the impression that it looks deeper into me,
than we can into it.

Does this mean, that reality, not only nature itself, knows to understand something like “Emotions”? How else can “life” cause such “interactions”?

Don’t dice with fate.

If fate turns against you, it may helps to accept the defeat and carefully move back a few steps. Of course you can also move forward.

The only problem is, that nobody can really predict the unknown.

So you go into the darkness, voluntarily.

The human mind, a wall

We humans are able to manifest thoughts that can protect us. Sounds abstruse but is a fact. Those who cannot preserve powerful memories cannot protect themselves properly in difficult situations. The more you look after your environment and life, the more positive memories you will collect that will withdraw you back into life in difficult moments, albeit subconsciously. That’s the price of life. Live wisely.


Search for your right path in life.

If you don’t walk along one,

you won’t be able to look back on any.

Mankinds path

Humankind thinks it has to create its own reality.

Where should mankind go when it refuses to accept nature?

Into nothing?