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dreams & wishes

Dreams and wishes are like a drive of one’s own reality. Through them, possibilities can be imagined that would otherwise remain in the shadows. However, one should be careful that one’s own ideas are not nourished by illusions, because thereby one will always go into one’s own misfortune. On the other hand, if you think about your life path with the necessary knowledge, you can only benefit from it. In the end, “life” or “reality” always tries to move forward in its own way. Those who oppose it cannot expect to have an easier time in life than others.


Those who concentrate too much on themselves in their lives may forget, through the continuous development of their own self-reflection, to perceive the differences that life has to offer in the most complex forms. Life consists of so many characteristics and qualities which one is only able to recognise as soon as one tries to put aside one’s own ideas about certain things in order to be able to perceive what others recognise in them. This would make it possible to better understand changes in their origins and effects instead of only understanding them superficially.

enthusiasm & life

If you overdo it with your own enthusiasm for something, you should think twice before you let yourself be carried away by external circumstances and don’t really think much of the matter yourself. If you allow yourself to be impressed and persuaded about something that you are not sure you like, you may find that you have wasted your time and are falling behind rather than moving forward as planned. Unfortunately, in such situations we usually do not blame ourselves but others who did not accept our own opinion because we were not able to present it convincingly. In the end, by ignoring one’s own circumstances, it is possible not only to lose one’s own enthusiasm and motivation, but also to lose people who are important to one, through a subsequent lack of understanding towards the cause.

external and internal influences

Why do we humans care so much about external things and so often forget about ourselves? Instead of realising that it is necessary to take care of ourselves, we are too often consumed by the worries of others for whom we feel responsible or in charge, even though we usually are not. Instead of making personal progress, we carry around the baggage of others and end up wondering why we ourselves are not progressing forward as planned.


Something uncertain remains uncertain. In contrast, a construct is something solid until time transforms it into something uncertain. No one can plan everything in advance. It is strange that we can experience and perceive so much in life that is constantly changing, without it ever being possible for us, or possibly even machines, to understand it completely. Just because you can’t see something in the present doesn’t mean it can’t come true in the future. However, this also applies to the opposite. In the end, all that remains is the complexity of life and the ability to perceive it and to classify it through ourselves.


One cannot strive for perfection without losing a part of oneself. Life is full of changes that affect us every day. Once a person decides to change consciously, the views towards various circumstances will also change. You develop new opinions and realise things that may have been hidden from you before. However, those who strive for perfection will inevitably find that life will respond accordingly. It is like a fight against oneself, which is always furthered by external circumstances, for the positive as well as for the negative. The problem is that you cannot simply erase the past. Much remains in memory, even after a long time. If you start to declare your own past as inferior out of your own conviction and the feeling of superiority, then you should better ask yourself what circumstances made you who you are in the first place.


Those who do not think through a pretext properly, and are guided only by their own thoughts, run the risk of misjudging a situation in the future. Wishes and dreams, which one can now fortunately seem to achieve through a situation that has changed the circumstances, carry with them an enormous potential of power. This power must be controlled by yourself in order to reach the goal through your own willpower. The only problem is that instantaneous changes initially create chaos, since it is impossible to fully assess a situation after changes have occurred. It is therefore important to differentiate whether one is not ultimately harming oneself more than it would be worth to achieve the goal through the pretext that has arisen.


Those who know no boundaries often lose themselves in the unknown. It is important to be able to assess in life where one’s own life path will lead. Those who constantly exceed limits only force themselves to constantly reorient themselves mentally, because by striving for more, they are dissatisfied with the previous and become increasingly dissatisfied. However, everyone should be aware that limits and boundaries, whether they are generated by oneself or by external circumstances, are there to generate a conscious framework for something that lies within the realm of the possible. Those who constantly exceed limits eventually distort themselves through the urge to continuously make the impossible come true.


Time is a limited commodity, if you do not think about how you organize time, you will inevitably lose it, or consume it in an unnecessary way, which will inevitably lead to no joy or positive experiences. Often it is up to us what we do with the time we get through our own lives, or what we transform it into through our own actions. One could compare the time in our life in this respect with a mosaic, in which the time represents the different parts. If you don’t value your own life, you will find out that you don’t get the opportunity to place the right pieces of the puzzle in the right places, or the pieces won’t fit at all, because you don’t take the time to shape your own actions so that they are in harmony with your own ideas of life.

conscious evolution

Risk is something peculiar. The assessment of risk factors is probably one of the vital foundations of our own mind. We get a picture of possible dangers, which we can probably avoid. This processing of the idea of various dangers to our own well-being is anchored in our instincts, and thus through evolution in life itself. It is probably one of the simplest and yet most fundamental manifestation of imagination. Because in order to assess a risk, it is necessary to deal imaginarily with the aspects that comprise it.

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