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Time is a limited commodity, if you do not think about how you organize time, you will inevitably lose it, or consume it in an unnecessary way, which will inevitably lead to no joy or positive experiences. Often it is up to us what we do with the time we get through our own lives, or what we transform it into through our own actions. One could compare the time in our life in this respect with a mosaic, in which the time represents the different parts. If you don’t value your own life, you will find out that you don’t get the opportunity to place the right pieces of the puzzle in the right places, or the pieces won’t fit at all, because you don’t take the time to shape your own actions so that they are in harmony with your own ideas of life.

life’s answers

If you love your life, you should act accordingly. Otherwise, life will respond to you accordingly. Life consists of many facets, and depending on which facets we expose ourselves to, they will affect us accordingly. For example acquaintances or personal interests. It is impossible to perform an action in life without that action affecting yourself. Reality simply consists of too many properties which we cannot understand. If we put ourselves in the situation of trying to understand what we simply cannot understand by our own actions, then we can only fail.


No one who is still capable of acting is qualified to give up his fate.

Difficult is relative

If you think about how to reach a goal faster, you will usually find a way.

If you don’t think about it, of course not.

Sometimes life isn’t that complicated.

We humans just have become good at complicating things for ourselves.


Those who reach for something they do not understand,

will rarely gain more understanding.


It is not important in life how valuable something is,

but how important it is for you.


Time is a limited commodity,

if you don’t think about how to organize it,

you will inevitably lose it.


As you learn to understand the path of your past, your understanding of where that path will take you in the future grows. If one does not think about it, the future remains blurred.