Nothing is permanent, everything changes. This applies to ourselves as well as to the life around us. Whoever understands this can look for possibilities to draw new strength from his own reality. For example, by renewing old friendships, or by looking for new hobbies to gain new experiences. In the end, however, it is always up to you to change yourself. External influences control your life only as long as you allow it. There is nothing more important in life than discovering and learning to appreciating one’s own self, because those who can no longer count on themselves will begin to lose their own ego over time.

lifes ego

If everyone could do everything, there might be less individualism. We live in a time when many people express their own convictions far too often through external facts than through internal values. And individualism arises from one’s own convictions, not from external values. The fact is that nature is infatuated with individualism. Individualism is everywhere. The abstruse is that theoretically nothing is equivalent to another thing anyway. So we are chasing a property, which is anchored in ourselves by nature.

blind acceptance

If someone accepts everything unconditionally in life, one will lose oneself as a result over time. The life as we know it lives from decisions and the decisions of the thoughts of us people with which we confront each other. Who constantly submits to these facts forgets with the time to assert and represent his own will to others, which in turn represents the quintessence of the personality of each person. So it is important to develop your own opinion and attitude towards different matters over time, because if you don’t do that, you will inevitably always have to accept the understanding of other people, even if you don’t like it.

mankind’s ego

Isn’t it strange that we humans hurt each other far too often, just because we don’t want to realize that reality cannot be distorted without consequence? If someone is better at something than another person then that is the result of life experience, or simply fate. We humans do not have any influence on the past, the past should be accepted, as long as it is created by truth. Who opposes such facts always plunges himself into his own misfortune, it should be clear that someone can only lie to himself through lack of insight into reality. The result of 1+1 is two, and not three or four. As strange as this may sound. Nobody should let his own wishes merge with reality, as long as these wishes consist of illusions.