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expectations and achievements

One cannot expect to achieve something whose realisation requires some effort without constantly exploring and improving the accumulated expressions of the experiential components that it contains. Since these components influence each other through the experience gained, achieving a goal would be more simple if the situation allows it to get a clear picture of a matter in order to understand it as precisely and clearly as possible. In the long run, this can make it possible to reach an aim more quickly, since one can combine one’s own experience values and thus obtain a pool of experience which under certain circumstances can be helpful to attain the goal more quickly as if one would only rely on external circumstances and conditions.

fulfil expectations

In life, you cannot fulfil the expectations of different people at the same time without influencing and thus changing yourself. Every person has his or her own character traits which create a corresponding pattern of behaviour. As soon as one wants to impress others by changing one’s behaviour, this has an impact on one’s understanding of different aspects of life. The tragedy is that situations can arise that change you and expectations that you wanted to fulfil may turn into rejection.

Magic mirrow

In the end we are not even what we see when we look in the mirror, as we like to lie to ourselves.

We don’t even show ourselves our true face, but expect from others to show it to us.