time development

The future develops by which components in life one assigns which values. It’s as if each of us would be an artist who paints the picture of his life with the most different colors. Unfortunately, many people do not know much about their abilities and do not dare to use their own potential because they are afraid to put themselves above others. This is wrong, because strength gives power to everyone, even to those who do not know what they are capable of through their own potential. We humans like it when we are given the opportunity to grow out of ourselves through others. So when you work on yourself, you help not only yourself, but also the people around you.

negative emotions

Negative emotions are like dark fog, they lure one’s way into the unknown. The bad thing is that it can be incredibly difficult to deal with the negative, because you already know in advance that you have to deal with thoughts that harm yourself. However, everyone should also know that you can’t get rid of anything by dragging it behind you for a long time. As soon as you turn around and look back, you will inevitably be confronted with what you are constantly trying to suppress, because you are actually aware that it would be right to deal with it. Unfortunately, this creates scars in life which can irrevocably destroy even beautiful moments and situations. Because the ballast of the past always triumphs over the small joys that one encounters, at least as long as one has not dealt with his own past.

sound & emotions

We humans play with sounds and create music, primarily through emotions. On the other hand, in nature, sounds are found all the time without us humans being able to influence these processes directly. So where does sound come from, and where does the sound disappear to?


Risk is something peculiar. The assessment of risk factors is probably one of the vital foundations of our own mind. We get a picture of possible dangers, which we can probably avoid. This processing of the idea of various dangers to our own well-being is anchored in our instincts, and thus through evolution in life itself. It is probably one of the simplest and yet most fundamental manifestation of imagination. Because in order to assess a risk, it is necessary to deal imaginarily with the aspects that comprise it.