creating life

We are masters in creating things from things we cannot understand. In doing so, we create a vortex of chaos, through which we in turn create our own illusions. That’s why it’s necessary to respect the unknown and not to constantly place yourself above things about which little is known.

fragments of time

“Time” is so uncontrollable, that it probably doesn’t understand what is coming out of itself,

but rather reacts to given situations. We humans are not able to understand time,

but we are able to read it somehow. Like looking into the face of something that’s always with us.

the unknown

Isn’t it strange that we humans are constantly driven into the unknown? It is as if we find it difficult to be satisfied with the knowledge we have, as soon as we have the opportunity to learn more. Positive as well as negative. Perhaps without such behavior progress would be slower and we humans would not be where we are. Nevertheless, one should always be careful to learn to recognize his own limits.