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free yourself

If you move in the same circle for too long, you will inevitably suffer a kind of whiplash at some point. We humans are living beings who tend to experience new things in order to constantly bring ourselves forward and to be able to grow further through what we have experienced. If we constantly expose ourselves to the same, we unintentionally build up our own little cage over time, and without understanding it, it becomes more and more difficult to get out of it by falling into our own indifference.


It is important to consider in life what path you want to take in the future. Life always follows a plan, which we as living beeings can influence through our ambitions. So we should all look for our own dreams and ideas about life, because if you do not look for your own dreams, you may simply not be able to find those ideas in your life. Fortunately, humankind consists of a gigantic collective of over 7 billion people. Through the achievements of humanity in the present, the experiences of humanity from the past, and the ideas for the future, a vast body of experience has been created. It is therefore up to everyone to use the existing knowledge to find a path in life that will lead to a better life.

possibilities and life

Isn’t it strange how many possibilities life can offer in the most diverse areas, and how few of them we can recognise as normal people in our everyday lives, although we know from our own knowledge that these possibilities exist? Life consists of countless perspectives, which one can only perceive superficially, as long as one does not manage to invest time in them. As a result, we cannot understand that we ourselves are capable of responding to these possibilities in order to advance ourselves accordingly. So it can’t hurt to think from time to time about whether it might be the right decision to make room for something new, to leave the old behind.


Disappointments are something you can’t completely get rid of in life. One is confronted again and again with facts that do not correspond to one’s own views. This brings with it risks, because unfortunately not everything in life can be influenced. So you have to learn to accept that, also due to your own actions, you will face circumstances that you have to accept in order to move forward. Those who suppress these characteristics and peculiarities of life will continue to encounter negative aspects through constant confrontations with them instead of recognising that life can also continue to bring forth positive aspects in various angles, which may not be recognisable at first glance.

learning through time

Time is constant, and yet it is possible to gain insight into memories from the past through your own thoughts. A memory from the past can thus become a key that you can use in the future, but only if you are willing to learn from your own past. So if you live a positive life, you will inevitably be able to reflect in a good way from your past in the future. This will inevitably give you more opportunities to influence the way you live your life and a higher chance of achieving the desired goal through your own life path.

a thinking reality

Since the view of reality consists partly of one’s own thoughts, one can also change this view through one’s own will over a longer period of time. Through changed interests, new bases of experience arise, which in turn offer new perspectives. This sounds utopian at first, but it becomes more understandable when you think about people who get into situations where they have to choose between different views in order to get forward.


In life, it is of great value to know what responsibilities to give to various areas of life. We are confronted with diverse situations every day with which we interact through our own interactions. Whether this happens unconsciously or consciously is of enormous importance. For those who unconsciously exert influence on something are usually at a disadvantage compared to people who act consciously. On the other side, if you deal with it, and try to understand why something is the way it is, you can gain an advantage by increasing your understanding of certain aspects as a result.

life’s answers

If you love your life, you should act accordingly. Otherwise, life will respond to you accordingly. Life consists of many facets, and depending on which facets we expose ourselves to, they will affect us accordingly. For example acquaintances or personal interests. It is impossible to perform an action in life without that action affecting yourself. Reality simply consists of too many properties which we cannot understand. If we put ourselves in the situation of trying to understand what we simply cannot understand by our own actions, then we can only fail.

thoughts and illusions

Thoughts consist of a foundation, illusions consist of air. It is important to conclude about what has substance and consists of real facts, and what does not. Who in life develops too much curiosity about things that could possibly occur, or what could have happened, without dealing with the truth, ultimately deals with thoughts, which are simply not controllable.

blind acceptance

If someone accepts everything unconditionally in life, one will lose oneself as a result over time. The life as we know it lives from decisions and the decisions of the thoughts of us people with which we confront each other. Who always submits to these facts forgets with the time to assert and represent his own will to others, which in turn represents the quintessence of the personality of each person. So it is important to develop your own opinion and attitude towards different matters over time, because if you don’t do that, you will inevitably always have to accept the understanding of other people, even if you don’t like it.

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