dreams & wishes

Dreams and wishes are like a drive of one’s own reality. Through them, possibilities can be imagined that would otherwise remain in the shadows. However, one should be careful that one’s own ideas are not nourished by illusions, because thereby one will always go into one’s own misfortune. On the other hand, if you think about your life path with the necessary knowledge, you can only benefit from it. In the end, “life” or “reality” always tries to move forward in its own way. Those who oppose it cannot expect to have an easier time in life than others.


The bigger the destination is, the harder are the requirements to reach it. Everything that a person has achieved in life, or still wants to achieve, is usually realized through structured work towards the desired goal. The more one would like to achieve, the more components of reality must be aligned with the desired goal in harmony with the external environment, without negative effects emanating from these components on the way to the goal. So, if you have a goal in mind that you want to achieve, then with every day that you let pass without working towards the goal, you lose a piece of potential that will allow you to achieve the goal without complications. That is why we often fail when we rush to reach a particular target.


Memories are like an impression of time which can be covered by time, but cannot be changed instantly by changes in time. This theoretically means that time as we directly experience it consists not only out of the moment, but also through our thoughts about the future and memories from the past. Conversely, it also means that our view of the past and the future will change as we change our life path in the present. This is probably also a theoretical reason why changes often result in new and unexpected opportunities.

curious progress

We humans try far too often to understand matters although we should actually be aware that we lack the complete necessary knowledge, therefore we usually do not realize that we can not reach the goal that we actually wanted to achieve. However, since we prefer to devote ourselves rather than others, it can be difficult to develop a certain understanding for things that we do not understand on our own.