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exhausting limits

In life, you cannot constantly exceed your own expectations without exhausting and consuming yourself. As soon as you are confronted with something new, it is relevant to be able to adjust to it in order to come to terms with the situation. If one becomes too euphoric and surrenders oneself to the urge to move forward as quickly as possible, then one will eventually realise that it is no longer possible to keep up one’s own rhythm, because one has simply ignored too many components of the matter itself, which are essential for understanding in order to move forward. Gaps appear, but their appearance seems incomprehensible at first, because one has simply left behind the circumstances that would be necessary for understanding the emergence of these gaps out of ignorance of one’s own limits.


Those who know no boundaries often lose themselves in the unknown. It is important to be able to assess in life where one’s own life path will lead. Those who constantly exceed limits only force themselves to constantly reorient themselves mentally, because by striving for more, they are dissatisfied with the previous and become increasingly dissatisfied. However, everyone should be aware that limits and boundaries, whether they are generated by oneself or by external circumstances, are there to generate a conscious framework for something that lies within the realm of the possible. Those who constantly exceed limits eventually distort themselves through the urge to continuously make the impossible come true.

life limits

Life can put you in a waterway that destroys you, but the potential of people will always be set at a certain limit. If you are too egocentric and exceed this limit, life will bring you to your knees.


We should not ignore pain, borders are not there to be disregarded.

Goal’s & limits

Mountains become more difficult to climb with increasing height,

this should also be considered in life.

You can’t climb over the mountain.

The Unknown

Isn’t it strange that we humans are constantly driven into the unknown? It is as if we find it difficult to be satisfied with the knowledge we have, as soon as we have the opportunity to learn more. Positive as well as negative. Perhaps without such behavior progress would be slower and we humans would not be where we are. Nevertheless, one should always be careful to learn to recognize his own limits.