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nature and Mankind

Isn’t it literally breathtaking how many components nature consists of and yet how little we know about those? We humans have begun to turn away from nature and stopped trying to understand nature in its elements, perhaps because it does not fit into our complex world view. But here somehow incomprehension arises. How can it be that a normal person in this day and age is not even able to list 10 tree or plant species? It is impossible to develop an interest or responsibility for something as long as you don’t know it. Humans usually tend to treat matters about which we lack the necessary knowledge as insignificant and treat them accordingly. This has enabled humans to make enormous progress in a very short time, but humanity now faces the problem of having to begin to understand what has been forgotten in the past. We humans are as much a part of nature as everything else around us, and we cannot expect to benefit ourselves over a long period of time by continually harming ourselves through our own behaviour.

technology & progress

Technology is actually something quite abstruse. Through time alone and the materials available, something has been created that stands somehow between nature and us humans. Technological achievements have made it possible for mankind to create something that would be unattainable for the human mind alone. Since we are bound by the laws of nature, it will never be possible for us to understand the logic of technologies or to apply them comprehensively through our own way of thinking. As living beings, we humans are bound by the laws of nature. Technologies, by nature, are not. There is a great danger in the constant rejection of nature by technologies, because it loses its value through the achievements of man. We humans forget what we are actually capable of as living beings and thus constantly lose our self-esteem. And this without us even being aware of it.

traveling thoughts

Thoughts are like invisible light that can travel from one person to another, so to speak. What we as living beings can perceive as sound through the air is transformed by ourselves into impulses that enable us to understand the world around us as well as the differences between different sounds in the first place.

future’s past

We are chasing national pride, even though the veil of each nation’s past lies in the dark. It is often more important to face the facts in the present than to chase a past that we have not experienced. We people know all too well that we change situations in order to gain our own advantages. Whether this is right or wrong is always in the eye of the beholder. A lie may sometimes even represent a truth for the one who tells it. And exactly at this point it becomes confusing. Since we ourselves often act out of ignorance in the same way and white, we do not have to be surprised that it becomes more and more difficult to understand the past, the further one travels mentally backwards in time.


Maybe it doesn’t hurt to look at the world a little bit more cyclically.

Most processes consist of various cycles.
Just like life, which is also composed out of “many colors”.


Isn’t it strange that cold and dryness are conducive to technology,
while it can be fatal to life?