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situations and memories

We humans are confronted from time to time with matters we do not understand. Often it does not hurt to think about what caused the situation, and what effects can be caused by something. Those who carry too much uncertainty around with them, without making any attempt to confront it, will see their own memories disintegrate over time. We humans are part of nature, and nature is always trying to create the clearest possible picture and structure itself. Thus, our own life path automatically exerts influence on the change of past memories. Humanity consists of a collective in the end, and thereby also of different opinions.

belief and thoughts

The belief in a thing and the thoughts that accompany it can emerge suddenly, but it always needs an appropriate groundwork to be able to manifest itself. This is a special characteristic of certain thoughts, they have to emerge at the right time in order to have the corresponding effect. Whoever does not believe in something will not be able to hold on to certain thoughts because the basis on which they could anchor themselves is not provided.

thoughts and illusions

Thoughts consist of a foundation, illusions consist of air. It is important to conclude about what has substance and consists of real facts, and what does not. Who in life develops too much curiosity about things that could possibly occur, or what could have happened, without dealing with the truth, ultimately deals with thoughts, which are simply not controllable.

technology & progress

Technology is actually something quite abstruse. Through time alone and the materials available, something has been created that stands somehow between nature and us humans. Technological achievements have made it possible for mankind to create something that would be unattainable for the human mind alone. Since we are bound by the laws of nature, it will never be possible for us to understand the logic of technologies or to apply them comprehensively through our own way of thinking. As living beings, we humans are bound by the laws of nature. Technologies, by nature, are not. There is a great danger in the constant rejection of nature by technologies, because it loses its value through the achievements of man. We humans forget what we are actually capable of as living beings and thus constantly lose our self-esteem. And this without us even being aware of it.


Those who know no boundaries often lose themselves in the unknown. It is important to be able to assess in life where one’s own life path will lead. Those who constantly exceed limits only force themselves to constantly reorient themselves mentally, because by striving for more, they are dissatisfied with the previous and become increasingly dissatisfied. However, everyone should be aware that limits and boundaries, whether they are generated by oneself or by external circumstances, are there to generate a conscious framework for something that lies within the realm of the possible. Those who constantly exceed limits eventually distort themselves through the urge to continuously make the impossible come true.


If a behavior is confusing, it usually creates a shadow whose image drags you into chaos.


If humans would not create images of their enemies, they would be obliged to compete against themselves.


Without mind, little can be understood – that’ s something that will never change.

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