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differences of interest

In life, you can’t concentrate on other people’s concerns and try to realise yourself at the same time. Life around us is constantly reacting to our interactions with it, generating new situations, perspectives and experiences. As soon as one begins to use these values to advance the interests of other people, it will be difficult for oneself to generate a corresponding advantage, because one has, so to speak, used up the experiences for others through one’s own way of thinking, which, however, is not directed towards oneself. This makes it possible to strengthen the people around you, but you do not necessarily advance yourself through this, because everyone should be aware that you are always only a part of the life of other people, and that your own views, justified by your own personality, will always deviate from the opinions of other people over time. Through this, differences arise which can end in confrontations if one is not able to accept them.


One cannot strive for perfection without losing a part of oneself. Life is full of changes that affect us every day. Once a person decides to change consciously, the views towards various circumstances will also change. You develop new opinions and realise things that may have been hidden from you before. However, those who strive for perfection will inevitably find that life will respond accordingly. It is like a fight against oneself, which is always furthered by external circumstances, for the positive as well as for the negative. The problem is that you cannot simply erase the past. Much remains in memory, even after a long time. If you start to declare your own past as inferior out of your own conviction and the feeling of superiority, then you should better ask yourself what circumstances made you who you are in the first place.

habit of time

Something comes to you only as easily as habits allow. Its like a law of nature, without change, change can’t enter.

Curious progress

We humans try far too often to understand matters although we should actually be aware that we lack the complete necessary knowledge, therefore we usually do not realize that we can not reach the goal that we actually wanted to achieve. However, since we prefer to devote ourselves rather than others, it can be difficult to develop a certain understanding for things that we do not understand on our own.


When you plan everything in life,

you inevitably close yourself off from others and isolate yourself.

Magic mirrow

In the end we are not even what we see when we look in the mirror, as we like to lie to ourselves.

We don’t even show ourselves our true face, but expect from others to show it to us.