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Isn’t it strange how life can behave with something you think you have understood? Situations and thus views change over time, making it necessary to adapt accordingly in order to be able to react to the changes. Those who do not do this run the risk of not being able to assess situations correctly in the future. One could almost say that one’s own arrogance towards the understanding of something, possibly also through the indifference that arises from such arrogance, can develop into one’s own detriment.

advice & situations

Those who learn to reject the advice of others run the risk over time of not being able to properly assess certain situations due to lack of experience. Life consists of a collective of innumerable interactions which have been brought about by the most diverse backgrounds and thus each has its own wayward effect. The more one relies on one’s own experience, the more difficult it is to accept the opinions of others, as they may change or influence one’s own views. However, one should never forget that one’s own experiences can also be able to help other people, which automatically leads to exchange.

thoughts and illusions

Thoughts consist of a foundation, illusions consist of air. It is important to conclude about what has substance and consists of real facts, and what does not. Who in life develops too much curiosity about things that could possibly occur, or what could have happened, without dealing with the truth, ultimately deals with thoughts, which are simply not controllable.

Difficult is relative

If you think about how to reach a goal faster, you will usually find a way.

If you don’t think about it, of course not.

Sometimes life isn’t that complicated.

We humans just have become good at complicating things for ourselves.

Chasing misfortune

We humans spend often way too much time looking for what makes us unhappy,

because it’s hard to think about what makes one personally really happy.